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  • Find a Motorcycle Repair School
      How to Find the Perfect Motorcycle Repair School When you want to specialize in something you have to make sure to find a program which suits your needs as well as properly prepare you for the working world. Motorcycle Mechanics are capable of servicing the customer, whether they own a Honda or a Harley-Davidson. A Mechanic also possesses extensive knowledge on the different parts of a motorcycle including the engine, ignition, suspension brakes to a strong understanding about what it takes to maintain a motorcycle and keep it in good condition. Once you know what you would like to specialize in you can choose the best program for your interest. Pick a program which suits your learning style best, whether that includes learning from the comfort of your residence at your pace, one-on-one with a teacher or being part of a class in a school. The choice lies in your hands. Lucky for you, the internet enables us to find things much faster so you can find all sorts of possible motorcycle repair school that fits you; Ashworth College Ashworth College is one motorcycle repair school that has been certified by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and specifies in motorcycle repair and maintenance. This college will also cost you 46% less than regular colleges because it is online. Here there is fender-to-fender instruction in the systems of motorcycles: two-and-four-stroke engines, fuel, clutch, suspension, electrical systems and much more. You’ll also learn how to fix and replace all sorts of parts in the motorcycle, including the steering, tires as well as learn how to maintain the motorcycle. They even encourage you to try your newly found knowledge on your own bike. Graduates will be able to set up their own business or work with a team under an employer. Penn Foster Career School Penn Foster is also accredited with the DETC and prepares graduates for personal business or to work at repair shops. This motorcycle repair school also Read More...
  • Motorcycle Mechanic Training
    Those looking for a position in motorcycle repair should look for a good school that offers motorcycle mechanic training on repair and overhaul of small engines. Students may receive training in small and large engines, and will eventually choose to specialize in the service and repair of just one type of vehicle. Aspiring motorcycle mechanics will learn to repair and maintain motorcycles, motor scooters, dirt bikes and more. They often also learn to work on all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. These small engines share many characteristics with motorboats and other outdoor equipment with larger engines, which may be explored in the classroom. Training may even cover automotive training and marine mechanics. Repairing and adjusting electrical and mechanical devices, servicing transmissions and ignition systems, replacing and adjusting brakes, and making minor body repairs are all part of motorcycle mechanic training and occupation. Prospective motorcycle mechanics learn to listen to engines as a diagnostic tool and to examine frames to assess damage. Visual assessments of alignment and moving parts will be made by the student, as will the use of gauges and computers for making detailed assessments of engine operation. Courses in communications and customer relations should be part of motorcycle mechanic training, as motorcycle mechanics will deal with customers in determining problems they are having with their equipment. Due to the increasing complexity of motorcycles and other such equipment powered by small engines, most employers want their mechanics to have quality motorcycle mechanic training. Graduates with a degree from one of the top motorcycle mechanic schools will qualify for the better positions. Employers look for mechanical aptitude, knowledge of the fundamentals of small two- and four-stroke engines, and a good solid education in motorcycle repair. If you would like to learn more about Motorcycle Mechanic Training, or even Online Motorcycle Scho Read More...
  • How to Find a Quality Motorcycle Repair Technician School
    There are a bunch of motorcycle repair schools out there, so whatís the best way to sort through them all? Well, when trying to decide on the best motorcycle repair school, you should try to look for a training facility that will give you the following: Motorcycle Repair Hands-on Training Most of us learn better by using our hands. Itís just a lot easier to learn to fix something by actually doing it. So make sure that the motorcycle training school you decide to join will provide you with plenty of hands-on training. Up-to-Date Motorcycle Repair Training Courses Along with hands-on training, make sure the motorcycle school offers up-to-date repair classes. As you know, itís important to get trained on todayís motorcycle engines, so find out what kind of bikes youíll be working on. And make sure the core classes include: Motorcycle Suspension SystemsBrake SystemsFour Stroke EnginesTwo Stroke EnginesFundamentals of ElectricityMotorcycle Electrical SystemsMotorcycle Fuel Systems Qualified Motorcycle Repair Instructors Before choosing a motorcycle repair school, you need to make sure the school has qualified motorcycle repair instructors. Find out how many years of experience their instructors need to have. Also ask other students about the quality of the teachers. Find out if the teachers provide good instruction, or whether they donít care much about the classes. You want to make sure you attend a motorcycle repair school with good instructors. Career Placement Help for Motorcycle Mechanics Itís also extremely important to find a school that will help you find a job working on motorcycles after graduation. You need to feel confident that the school will not only train you properly, but will also help you with finding your new job. Mike Delgado writes for WyoTech http://www.wyotech.edu Source: www.ezinearticles.com Read More...